• LOCATION: Tiquipaya, Bolivia 

Local Partner: Pastor Fernando

Partners since: 2014

TMP began supporting a small project to reach the elderly women of a trash dump community outside the city of Cochabamba after taking a research and development trip in 2014. A church from the Cochabamba community has begun outreach to this community and is continually developing a strategy to best reach these people.


  • Discipleship: The local church is working to develop a strategy to best reach this community.

The church invited the women over for a meal, presented the Gospel, and gave them care packages that included groceries, boots and gloves to keep them protected when working. They were very grateful and receptive. 

Country Facts

  1. Bolivia has a population of 10.6 million people
  2. More than 60 percent of Bolivia's people are indigenous, mostly Quechua or Aymara
  3. Landlocked Bolivia is equal in size to California and Texas combined