• LOCATION: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Local Partner: Amor, Fe y Esperanza (AFE)

Partners since: 2009

Amor, Fe y Esperanza’s mission is to “break the cycle of poverty for the families that live and work in and around the Tegucigalpa garbage dump by meeting the holistic needs of the students and their families.” Director Jesy and the AFE staff do this by establishing contact and building trust, enrolling the children in school at AFE where they provide holistic education, and helping them develop so they will have the skills to succeed in normal society and become servant-leaders who glorify God. Their approach focuses on five main areas: education, spiritual, physical, emotional and family.

AFE is a fully accredited school that is located across the street from the dump and offers not only primary and secondary classes, but also a nursery for those too young to be in school and adult education classes for those who did not finish school.

In the past few years they have seen some of their first students graduate high school and begin college. These students are setting an example for the younger ones, who see it is possible to break the cycle that many families have been trapped in for generations.

AFE is where Trash Mountain Project got its start after TMP’s founders returned home from visiting the Tegucigalpa, Honduras, landfill in November 2008. They were so taken by Jeony’s leadership and the staff at Amor, Fe y Esperanza (AFE) as well as the overwhelming need within the trash dump community that it changed their lives and paths forever.



  • Discipleship: Weekly church service and small groups
  • Education: 175 students
  • Health Care: On-site clinic
  • Nutrition: One meal (lunch) each weekday
  • Livelihood: Aquaponic pilot system
  • Infrastructure: 12 homes constructed

Country facts:

  1. Population: 8,598,561, 56% under age 25
  2. Spanish is the official language
  3. Tegucigalpa is the capital and second-largest city in Honduras
  4. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America
  5. Primary-school enrollment is high, but educational quality is poor, and the drop-out rate and grade repetition are high.