As our Serve 1,000 campaign draws to a close, we are excited to inform you that it was a resounding success. The goal of Serve 1,000 was to increase monthly Community Sponsorship funds for the 1,000 children that Trash Mountain Project is projected to provide care for in 2016. At present the average monthly cost for care across all the communities we work in is $29/mo, for a total of $29,000 per month. And while we didn't reach that goal, we did significantly increase our monthly community sponsorship dollars—from $9,500 initially, to our current total of more than $17,000 per month.

We could not have made such progress without you. Since last August we have traveled to more than 20 churches and other organizations, connecting with thousands of friends and supporters. We have continued to share the stories of those living, working and dying in trash. The additional funds raised through Serve 1,000 represent school supplies and spiritual care for 286 children, and more than 80,000 meals through 2016. And this is all because so many people like you were generous to this worthy cause.

So we want to say thank you! As we shift our focus to the return of Spoken, our annual fundraiser this fall, we continue to seek out those willing to make a monthly commitment to the cause of Community Sponsorship. The Serve 1,000 campaign may be coming to an end, but the need for Community Sponsorship continues.

If you have not yet, will you join us?