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The Story of HOpe Continues

For more than a decade now, we have been witness to the remarkable stories of hope taking place in trash dump communities worldwide, and we believe God is just getting started. Please join us on this special night to celebrate the last 10 years and explore the opportunities ahead for Trash Mountain Project.

Join us on October 13, 2019.


The Reality

Each day thousands of people make their livelihoods picking through trash in unsafe, unsanitary and dangerous conditions. The worst part is, thousands of children work in these conditions. Throughout the past 11 years we have partnered with incredible local leaders and have begun to see long-term changes take effect.

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Our Process

The core principals of our approach stay the same in each area we serve but will be implemented differently in each culture.

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The solutionS

While the problems are complex, we are building a model that will help alleviate some of the tension.

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